OptiFlash- Přesné,rychlé a bezpečné analýzy bodu vzplanutí


JFTOT® OptiFlash - Pensky Martens je novým přístrojem pro stanovení bodu vzplanutí v uzavřeném kelímku...

JFTOT IV - Nový přístroj od společnosti PAC


JFTOT® 230 MARK IV je novým přístrojem pro stanovení oxidační a termické stability vycházející z celosvětově uznávané řady přístrojů JFTOT..

Nový Reformulyzer M4 - Nejrychlejší a nejvíce flexibilní analyzátor na trhu


Reformulyzer M4 dokáže provést celou skupinu analýz benzínů a benzínových směsí pomocí multidimensionální plynové chromatografie..

Lovibond: PFX995/P - Petrochemical Colorimeter



The Lovibond®PFX995/P is a spectrophotometric colorimeter that is designed to meet the colour analysis requirements of petroleum fuels, oils,waxes and petrochemicals. It provides objective, unbiased colour data according to a full range of established industry scales, although the user can easily customise the PFX995/P to display only those scales of interest. Measurements can also be displayed in terms of spectral data and CIE values.
The accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility of data provided by the Lovibond® PFX995/P allow for tighter colour specifications and greater colour consistency, giving companies the confidence needed to make important decisions regarding high value consignments and refining operations. When measuring Saybolt or Pt-Co Colour of clear, water-white products, the long sample path length enables the PFX995/P to obtain precise colour measurements, without multiplying errors.
The PFX995/P is a rugged colorimeter with a fabricated steel housing, which is designed to function equally as a QC instrument within the laboratory or on 24 hour operation in a production environment. A diagnostic test routine and status report allows users to conduct periodic checks on the instrument or identify faults. For regular conformance testing the PFX995/P is also supplied with a certified glass filter of specified Saybolt value.

Instrument is supplied with:
 - Two glass cells 1x33mm, 1x100mm.
 - Calibrated glass conformance filter (Saybolt +10)
 - Reference material for Saybolt (+12) and ASTM Color (3)
 - Spare lamp
 - Instruction manual


Fully automatic instrument
Easy to operating
Measurement time less then 25 seconds
A very extensive range of color scales
Optionally it is possible order a model with built-in heating unit (allows to perform measurements at different temperatures)
Minimum maintenance
Communication with PC


- ASTM Color
- Pt-Co/Hazen/APHA Colour
- Saybolt Colour
- Lovibond® RYBN Colour
- IP Units 
- Gardner Colour 
- X Y Z tristimulus values 
- x y Y chromaticity co-ordinates 
- CIE L*a*b* colour space 
- L*C*h colour space 
- Hunter L a b colour space 
- DE colour difference
- Transmittance (full spectrum and at specified wavelengths) 
- Optical density (full spectrum and at specified wavelengths)
Technical parameters
 Measuring principle:
 16 interference filters
 Spectral response:  420 - 710 nm
 Bandwidth:  20 nm
 Repeatability:  chromaticity (x y) ± 0.0002
   transmittance ± 0.25 %
   Saybolt values ± 1
 Measurement time:  less then 25 s
 Light source:  5 Volt, 10 Watt tungsten halogen lamp (lens ended)
 Path length:  0,1 - 153 mm
 Communication:  Parallel printer port, RS 232 port
 Input voltage:  Universal, via external power supply
 Approvals:  CE
 Display:  2 x 40-character, back-lit LCD
 Keypad:  21-key membrane keypad; washable polyester with audible feedback
 Dimensions:  515 x 195 x 170 mm
 Weight:  7,75 kg